Our Policies

At Mountain Child Care we care for the most precious thing in your lives.  We understand that everyone comes from different places, different backgrounds and with different personalities, all with different styles of child-rearing!

Here we include the policies that Mountain Child Care will follow in regards to caring, nurturing and guiding your children.

A full Policy Handbook will be provided upon confirmation of booking.  For further details please contact Mountain Child Care management.

Nutrition Policy

Nutrition Policy

Mountain Child Care will provide well-balanced and nutritious food and beverage to the children who attend our Centre.  We will provide lunch and snacks consisting of the four healthy food groups: grains, fruit/vegetables, milk products and meat/alternatives, following suggestions from the Canada Food Guide.

Appropriateness and safety of foods for the children’s ages will be considered (ie no wieners, grapes cut up).  All allergies, food sensitivities and dietary restrictions will be taken into consideration.  We will encourage peanut allergy awareness and make every effort in our control to be peanut –free.  We will have an Allergy Board posted in the kitchen area, noting any of that day’s children allergies or sensitivities.  Efforts will be made to provide daily food in a variety of textures, colours and shapes.

Lunches and snacks are planned in advance and will be posted weekly on the bulletin board in our entrance area.  Menu plans will also be provided in advance to parents upon request via mail or email.


Health Policy

Health Policy

Mountain Child Care will practice healthy habits and provide a healthy environment for the staff and children in our care.  We will promote good hygiene, provide a clean and safe environment and provide a healthy balance of exercise and relaxation.

As germs are spread easily in a child care environment we will actively promote regular and proper hand washing.  A clean and healthy Centre will also be
maintained with regular sanitizing practices for our equipment, facilities and toys.

In order to provide and maintain a healthy environment for the children of Mountain Child Care, we will provide:

  • A total non-smoking environment.
  • Outside activity time, 2 times daily (providing sunscreen, hats, mitts, extra clothes as needed)
  • Active inside play if the weather is extreme.
  • Employees fully mindful of proper sanitation and hygienic practices
  • Proper clean, sanitized diaper change station and washrooms
  • Daily sanitizing of toys and play area
  • Full first aid supplies accessible at all times by first aid trained staff

Children with communicable illnesses will not be admitted to the Mountain Child Care Centre.  A refund will be provided should your child become ill and is not able to attend their spot in the Child Care Centre.  How ill is too ill for a child to attend?

  • If a child has a fever above 39 degrees Celsius
  • If a child is vomiting or has diarrhea
  • If a child is continuously coughing and/or sneezing


Behavioral Guidance Policy

Behavioral Guidance Policy

Child guidance is about helping children develop the skills, feelings, and values that will serve them as they grow into capable, caring and responsible people. Child guidance is not about punishment. It is about helping children learn appropriate behaviours.

At Mountain Child Care we understand that each child is an individual and that they respond differently to experiences and situations.  Taking this into consideration, along with the children’s ages and development, we will approach our guidance with compassion, patience and experience.  We have three simple house rules which will provide basic consistent limits for children in our care:  Treat others kindly, Play safe and Play gently with the toys.

We will strive to help children learn the appropriate behaviours in all situations.  We will not yell at or punish the children.

We will meet our children’s needs by creating a fun, stimulating and inclusive environment and by following a consistent routine.  In the children we will encourage and foster respect, empathy, confidence, independence and self-control.  All staff will be informed and aware of appropriate/typical behaviour for the age groups of children that we care for.

We will promote and model good behaviour through positive reinforcement and with constant supervision.  We will allow the children to make choices and try things for themselves while modeling safe and suitable actions.


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